Monarchia Mystic
I'm an experienced astrologer who draws on the wisdom of my professionally-practicing astrology mentor, famous and renowned authors, and my own experiences having read hundreds of personal natal charts for others.
This humble website and shop are an act of self-love. Astrology has been a quiet passion of mine for years. As I poured over more and more charts for friends, strangers, and clients, I realized that I had a gift.
The alchemist sheds her skin, but she also can stare into the mirror until nothing separates her from herself. She accepts who and what she is, and loves herself fiercely anyway.
Astrology is real. And it's okay to recognize the truth in a spiritual system without understanding the why or how -- our minds are so limited by physical reality that it can convince us to turn away from the fullness of Spirit, of the Universe.
Let that light in.
Welcome to my (very) small site. Feel free to click below for a reading, or simply to explore the shop.
Image Credit: NASA & STScI